gaspar+noe; crime; drama; movie; icheckmovies; 1998; Check. Philippe Nanon reprises this role at the beginning of Noé's follow up film, Irreversible(2002). Throughout the film, we hear the thoughts of the butcher, which are angry, hateful and horrifying. The Butcher (known from Noe's short film Carne) has done some time in jail after beating up the guy who tried to seduce his teenage mentally-handicapped daughter. The film is so gritty and realistic in it's portrait of insanity. I Stand Alone (film) I Stand Alone. He was an actor and producer, known for I Stand Alone (1998), Irréversible (2002) and Carne (1991). This is an incredibly detailed account of how a disturbed human mind rationalizes everyday reality. Noe's tale follows a middle-aged butcher who's spent time in prison, has an extremely short fuse, and is currently trapped in a forced relationship with a female bar owner pregnant with his child. It could very well be the most bitterly misanthropic film most viewers will ever see, but whether that's a good thing is questionable. This is a film that will violate the viewer and their beliefs, a film that is seldom made and seldom matched. zgodba. Noé spares none of the encyclopedia of film technique which he so obviously holds and creates a film of immense intelligence that deserves to be viewed and discussed. Highly recommended, this man is a genius. The tension literally drips off the screen making it difficult at times to take, but like a car crash, you can't take your eyes off of it. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. It took me over 2 years to watch this film after having purchased it. He uses one repetitious devise that just about gave me a heart attack the first time it was used. In that way, I think the film did its job. Wasn't expecting this one to live up to it. 24.04.2014 - MyNickelodeon hat diesen Pin entdeckt. … A brilliant, manipulative assault on viewer sensibilities. Philippe Nahon's performance as "The Butcher" was admittedly very good, but the film as a whole just seemed way too long and became tedious and dull...up until the ultimately unfulfilling "climax"... "Seul Contre Tous" is a useless movie. 'I Stand Alone' goes where few movies dare these days. effective examination of male alienation and paranoia. Noe interestingly ties afflictions such as racism, homophobia, wealth, and sexuality into the emasculation of this man, whose life has become meaningless as a result of the rotten hand he's been dealt. Seul contre tous Sam proti vsem (1998) kriminalka, drama, triler. I Stand Alone is a movie starring Philippe Nahon, Blandine Lenoir, Frankie Pain, Martine Audrain. Seul contre tous 1998 — a.k.a. This is Gaspar Noe's deliberately disturbing film of one man's resentment of his own life. Stunning. Directed by Gérard Vergez. Seul Contre Tous is much more than just a sequel to Carné (1991). Never before have I felt so many shockingly complex thoughts and emotions being brought to the screen as vividly as director Noé has done here. Very much enjoyed the humorous inner monologue. A movie that made me sick, a movie that deals with pure hate, and nothing else. francoski. TMDb Rating 7.7160 votes. He's at the point of a midlife crisis, and wants to now live his life for vengeance. I Stand Alone bears similar vibes from "Taxi Driver" and "A Serbian Film", which makes an interesting combination to watch. Original title Seul contre tous. Mark movie as favorite; Dislike this movie; Add movie to watchlist; Mark movie as owned; Check movie; View the official lists that include Seul contre tous; Visit IMDb page The film narrates the history of the butcher's life and all the hardships he has faced. Bronze Horse [Winner] (2002) Irréversible (2002) Bronze Horse [Nominee] (1998) Seul contre tous (1998) Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. 10/10, What Gaspar Noé created with "Seul contre tous" is almost impossible to put in words but I'll try it anyways. This is definitely anxiety-provoking for anyone. As a comment on class war and bigotry, the film is relentless in its overbearing bleakness (all of France is presented as a run-down warehouse district where most citizens are on welfare), brought to an even lower level by our protagonist's relentlessly hateful and homicidal thoughts; through the ticker-tape subtitles playing underneath what is usually a bland, uneventful scene, we get a window into the psychoses of a man driven to the edge. I applaud Noe for tackling "rougher" subject matter - but I always seem to leave his films feeling like something is missing. Menu. 6.1 /10 : 51 people rate - YouTheater. An old cleaning lady has surprised the son of the family,Ludovic playing with arms,the adolescent attacked her and she has to denounce him.Through his computer Rayann and Nadine know that Ludovic Abgrall has a good school friend called Hugo and that there are speaking of a garage.Then they find the garage, some arms and materials for making bombs.Hugo is taken in for questioning.Ludovic has disappeared. I Stand Alone, in 4 top lists. He died on April 19, 2020 in France. This includes data values and the controlled vocabularies that house them. Database on admissions of films released in Europe. Seul contre tous (1998) Stockholm Film Festival. She has promised him a new butcher's shop in the small suburb where they move to, but soon finds out that she has lied to him. Seul contre tous é un filme francés realizado por Gaspar Noé en 1998, é unha continuación da súa primeira mediametraxe, Carné (premio da Semana da Crítica de Cannes 1991).. Gaspar Noé tivo grandes dificultades para xuntar os fondos necesarios para a realización desta, a súa primeira longametraxe.Precisou cinco … The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. zutterjp48. Let's just say the butcher loves his daughter a little too too much. As it seems will be his alot for his entire career, I began to watch Seul Contre Tous with the words of many ringing in my head. But, it's much more about testing the parameters of modern cinema, not just in relation to violence and sexual sadism, but rather with respect to audience reception. I love a movie that can capture an emotion so strongly, and this film defiantly grabs you and does not let go. The film begins as a kind of quick documentary life, narrated over still photos with the voice-over of the butcher, played by Philippe Nahon. With two full length films that are both extreme and psychologically disturbing. Based on this and Noe's new film IRREVERSIBLE I'd say Gasper's got a few issues he's hammering out and he's taking us down into the depths with him. The Butcher's haunting voice over carries the film and viewer into the mind of a deeply troubled Frenchman, punctuated with well executed outbursts of violence. The Butcher (known from Noe's short film Carne) has done some time in jail after beating up the guy who tried to seduce his teenage mentally-handicapped … But his anger and his articulateness command attention and create an irresistible and memorable voice -- a voice quite reminiscent of the writings of Louis-Ferdinand Céline ("Journey to the End of the Night," "Death on the Installment Plan"), who like Noë's protagonist was a nihilist, fascist, and anti-Semite, and likewise shocked with his bluntness of expression. The original French title is Seul contre tous, which means "Alone against all". A brilliantly disturbing film, unlike anything I have ever seen. Chloé and Bernard are investigating some cases of abortions,specially that one of Marine Henry, a young adolescent girl.They go to the apartment of her mother,Anne-Marie Henry and they notice … Many, many spoilers here!!!! It takes less than 5 minutes to realize … S. There are many good points to this movie, but those saying what a hard watch it is clearly have not seen anything past a Disney film. The majority of it is filled with an inner dialogue and scenes of people just sitting around. At one point of my life, when I was working 70 hours a week and on two medications, I almost had a similar emotional breakdown like in the film. This is his first outing as a director, and I personally think it's one of the best debuts in movie history. Unexpected, Disturbing, Powerful Comments on Modern Life. (Instead of writing about the already well known Story and the Characters, I want to let you guys know how "I Stand Alone"/"Menschenfeind" made me feel throughout its 89 minute run without putting too many spoilers....if any), I Stand Alone contains one of the biggest emotional releases I have ever experienced from a film, followed by the infuriating sensation of being stabbed in the back immediately after this cathartic release. The film darkly builds as we watch the main character fall lower and lower, becoming more and more desperate. Stars: Austin Nichols, Henry Czerny, Ryan Kelley, Sigourney Weaver. A bleak journey in the mind of the deranged. The butcher is living in a hell as his life has been destroyed, he has lost almost everything and all the people around him are bad, bad and even more bad and wicked. He slowly starts to loose his sanity as he endlessly searches for a job, and is turned down repeatedly. I have to say, "I Stand Alone" and "Clean Shaven" are the two films which portray mental illness the most realistically. I Stand Alone. IMDb Rating 7.5 17,106 votes. The analogy to irrational beasts is more evident with the fact that she does not speak, thus contorts and dies as a nonverbal creature would. Seul contre tous. I know many people who would be disgusted by this film and simply say they did not like it, it was a "bad movie." The narrator's negativism commands our attention and even our respect because of its intensity and clarity. TAXI DRIVER does, however, share with SEUL CONTRE TEUS a sense of psycho-sexual determinism. And the whole warning that flashes up is just downright silly, because for one, there is nothing to warn you about, and, well, it's just daft. By ignoring them we compound the problems they present and represent. Casper Noe just may become this generation's Roman Polanski. Incredible film from Gaspar Noe. To an extent, the main character is so sick and jaded that one doesn't exactly relate to him or identify with the character. The film's brilliance comes from the daring moralism it projects right up to it's startling conclusion. They must both die so they can truly be free, so they can truly fuse as one. It has such poetic emotion. Perhaps this man is just a depressive, a hopeless loser. Good, well-directed French film in the vein of TAXI DRIVER, where an out-of-work, 50-year-old butcher slowly begins to lose control with the people and the world around him as he encounters one indignity after another. What follows is definitely disturbing. Source 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total since 2015; Cinetel (IT) 242 493: 24 : 300: 242 817 Wow, I need to take a shower. In 176 lists, 1,703 checks, 205 favorites, 31 dislikes !SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaspar noé gives us a fast paced, disturbing yet intriguing movie with very rich comments about real-life concepts such as: morality, equality, freedom, fullfiling desires, existantial crisis. It unravels into a psychotic state when he becomes delusional about what he needs to do in order to save himself and his handicapped daughter. In a traditional sense, not that much actually happens in this movie. Eventually we see this was all engendered by his imagination, and he decides to seek the so-called fusion with his daughter in a sublimated form, having sex, a more attractive alternative which also allows psychic survival. Viewers are even warned before the disturbing finale. Synopsis Seul contre tous Voir Film Seul contre tous complet Le Dr Bennet Omalu, un neuropathologiste de médecine légale, a mené un combat digne de David contre Goliath : il fut le premier à découvrir l’encéphalopathie traumatique chronique, une affection cérébrale liée à la pratique du sport chez les joueurs … Unable to find a job no matter how hard he tries, having to contend with abuse from the fat and controlling dominant woman he lives with just because she has a few dollars, facing the burden of having fathered an illegitimate girl who now lives in a home and is unable to communicate, the tensions mount until the butcher is in danger of taking his frustrations out on himself and the miserable scum around him. Thus, she is shot in the head. In the bowels of France. We truly need more films like this, which force the viewer to confront and refine their beliefs. Jeffrey Archer est l'auteur de nombreux best-sellers dont Kane et Abel, Seul contre tous, prix Polar international de Cognac, et Le Sentier de la gloire, prix Relay du roman d'évasion.Traduits dans le monde entier, ses livres se sont déjà écoulés à plus de 270 millions d'exemplaires dans le monde et figurent … View title of the movie Seul Contre Tous: Seul Contre Tous . It's a highly cinematic monologue of malevolence by a volatile, middle-aged protagonist. Disturbing, violent and the like. This FAQ is empty. As the butcher's three hundred francs dwindle, and his handgun starts looking more and more appealing, Noe surgically implants us inside the antihero's head using a cascade of hilarious and horrifying nihilistic rants that don't quite resemble anything you've ever heard in a movie. Many have already compared this film to TAXI DRIVER; but TAXI DRIVER is more of a film about a man that is dragged to insanity by psychotic fantasies he can no longer resist. Powerful, disturbing, unique, important and won't leave the viewer alone. Admittedly, I am amongst the few who felt IRREVERSIBLE was highly over-hyped and unremarkable also - and I STAND ALONE was no different to me. What follows during the movie's running time is a plethora of cynicism, hate, disgust and depravity presented in a methods of cinema. However, whereas those films … It's like looking right into the mind of a man pushed to the brink, a man capable of anything. (. Assez agréable visuellement, mais manquant de tous les autres aspects. Arthouse Film with a Strong, but Heavy Handed Message. Genres: Psychological Drama, New French Extremity. With Climax, Noe takes the audience and characters further than ever before. The editing (extremely ominous), the gun shots at the … Concussion (2015) - IMDb. Having seen Irreversible a vast number of times, and it becoming my pick for film of the last twenty years, I expected the exclamations of reviewers to be no understatement. The shocks of "Angst" can not really be compared to any other films. Although Noe likes to explore the "darker side" of life in his films, something about them just seems hollow and unfulfilling to me. 2009. ) Add the first question. The butcher does not have a reason to live and continue his life among this filth. With Bruno Wolkowitch, Charles Schneider, Marc Betton, Valérie Bagnou-Beido. This film from French film maker, Gaspar Noe, is true piece of art and is so full of message, content and cinematic elements that it will definitely not leave the viewer alone after the first viewing no more than after the future viewings. My new favorite foreign film by far. Apparently, he's just playing with our nerves, and he's doing it well; but trying to make fun out of this subject is a mistake, because there's no distance to be taken. As I tried to rate it I have to admit that if a film effects you in the way this movie just did then there is something to it. It presents a portrait of hatred, disgust, despair and nihilism. It's a very well made film. Peace of mind through a hand gun, so to speak. 93 min - Drama | Crime. The protagonists in both films are at least partly driven by sexual compulsions they either can not control, feel they can not control or badly desire to explore. In the last couple years, french filmmaker Casper Noe has created quite a name for himself. "Seul Contre Tous" is a pretty effective examination of male alienation and paranoia in the vein of "Taxi Driver". This definitely reflects the manic state he is in; he concretely projects his aggression into external objects, and takes action accordingly (seen when he kills his unborn child still in the womb). From here forward the voice never leaves us, moving relentlessly forward with its declarations of gloom and anger. Director. The writer-director Gaspar Noe's first-person account of a jobless butcher's trip on the down escalator has a lot of superficial resemblances to TAXI DRIVER, but the real unseen hand behind this shattering picture belongs to Louis-Ferdinand Celine, whose scabrous stream-of-consciousness monologues Noe has translated into scorching, nineties angry-white-man-ese. I Stand Alone, or "One Against All", is the sequel to the director's short film Carne(1991), which is wonderfully summarized at the beginning with a photographic montage and break-neck narration. It was even better. Without giving anything away, this is a mean-spirited, convincingly fiendish love story that sadistically gives it's audience a 30 second chance to leave the theater before things get resolved. Warning: not for the weak, of body or mind. Directed by Peter Landesman. Seul contre tous Awards and Nominations. If you have a strong stomach and love great filmmaking, though, I'd definately recommend this artistic, sadistic shocker. Way much more… For those that missed Carné, the film opens with a quick recap of everything that happened in the first installment, and then more.It then moves on with life. c'était vraiment agréable de voir le style de Gaspar Noe évoluer à travers ce film, bien … In Pittsburgh, accomplished pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovers ... In essence, by reenacting his past profession (and thus the definition of his life) in that moment, he literally kills off the 2 key aspects of his existence to date with the 2nd shot (he destroys the image of the slaughtered contorting animal, which he can no longer stand to watch; and he kills his daughter, his link to happiness, and the only thing truly keeping him in this world).